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Published 14th Déc 2012 by Tonton Steph under Compilation, Gibert Joseph Paris, Jazz, R.I.P, Soul/Funk

Si il vous reste encore des thunes après avoir acheté l’expanded edition

du « Trouble Man » de Marvin Gaye (voir ici) je vous conseille de

les mettre dans l’achat de ce coffret triple CDs de Gil Scott-Heron (R.I.P)

Il regroupe 2 CD’s de tous ses enregistrements réalisés pour le label

Flying Dutchman ainsi qu’un CD composé de versions alternatives,

inutile de préciser que le tout entièrement remasterisé!

Le coffret est dispo chez Gibert Joseph Paris à 27€.


01 Lady Day And John Coltrane

02 Home Is Where The Hatred Is

03 Save The Children

04 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

05 Did You Hear What They Said?

06 Pieces Of A Man

07 Speed Kills

08 Everyday

09 I Think I’ll Call It Morning

10 When You Are Who You Are

11 Free Will

12 Or Down You Fall

13 The Needle’s Eye

14 The Middle Of Your Day

15 A Sign Of The Ages

16 Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul?

CD 2

01 Introduction / The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

02 Whitey On The Moon

03 No Knock

04 Small Talk At 125th & Lenox

05 Billy Green Is Dead

06 Sex Education: Ghetto Style

07 The Vulture

08 The Prisoner

09 …And Then He Wrote Meditations

10 Plastic Pattern People

11 The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues

12 Artificialness

13 Ain’t No New Thing

14 Brother

15 Evolution (And Flashback)

16 The King Alfred Plan

17 Enough

18 Paint It Black

19 Omen

20 Wiggy

21 Comment #1

22 The Subject Was Faggots

CD 3

01 Did You Hear What They Said? (Alt take 1)

02 The Middle Of Your Day (Alt take 1)

03 Free Will (Alt take 1)

04 The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues (alternate ending)

05 Speed Kills (Alt take 3)

06 The King Alfred Plan (Alt)

07 No Knock (Alt)

08 Wiggy (Alt)

09 Ain’t No New Thing (breakdown take)

10 Billy Green Is Dead (Alt)

11 …And Then He Wrote Meditations (Alt)

12 No Knock (breakdown Alt take)

13 Free Will (Alt take 2)

En bonus l’un de mes morceaux préféré de Gil Scott-Heron

extrait de son album Free Will sortie en 1972.

Thanks Dodo!

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