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Published 10th Avr 2019 by Tonton Steph under Clips & Videos, New-York, RAP

Le MC de Brooklyn Eddie Kane vient de refaire à sa sauce

une nouvelle version du Mo Money, Mo Murder de AZ & Nas.


Published 20th Mai 2020 by Tonton Steph under Beatmakerz, Clips & Videos, RAP

Clip extrait du EP Nezzies Star de Eddie Kaine

actuellement dispo en Digital sur Bandcamp.


Published 24th Juil 2012 by Tonton Steph under DJ's, New-York, RAP

Je ne présente plus Dj JS-1, activiste de longue date et membre

du Rock Steady Crew. Sa dernière mixtape est un événement

puisqu’elle regroupe un paquet de démos tirées de ses archives perso.

Vous avez juste à regarder le tracklist pour comprendre…

tracklist :

1-demolition intro

2-slow n low (unreleased demo) – run dmc

3-touchdown (demo) – snoop dogg

4-slaves – cenubites

5-untitled (unreleased demo 1996) – t la rock n react

6-queen bitch (reference trk original) – biggie

7-capital r.a.s. – ras kass

8-i wanna be president – channel live

9-untitled – grand puba

10-raise it up – large pro (main source)

11-chillin’ w marley marl promo – mc lyte

12-1 flip styles – sadat x, grand puba, diamond d

13-open mic – eminem

14-remain anonymous – ras kass

15-untitled – grand puba

16-get live (unreleased demo) – rahzel n organized konfusion

17-props over here (original demo) – the beatnuts

18-give up the goods (original demo) – mobb deep

19-come on – sadat x n biggie

20-untitled (go queensbridge) – tragedy

21-check a bitch – kool g rap

22-unofficial mahogany 2? (unreleased demo) – rakim

23-getz funky – ESP (tha alkaholiks)

24-you got dat – edo g

25-time – large pro (main source)

26-don’t ask for money – grand daddy iu

27-peace prosperity n paper – a tribe called quest

28-poor young dave – snoop doog

29-backstabber – eminem

30-how ya livin’ – brand nubians

31-like this – freddie foxxx (bumpy knuckles)

32-keep ya mouth shut – lord finesse

33-cool n calm – pete rock n cl smooth

34-step into the ozone (demo) – oc

35-to each his own – showbiz n ag

36-enter the dragon – kool g rap

37-midnight wrecka – pete rock n cl smooth

38-survival of the fittest – mobb deep

39-nas will prevail – nas

40-international arrival – organized konfusion

41-it’s gettin’ hectic (unreleased from return of the boom bap lp)

– krs-one n dj premier

42-represent (original demo) – nas n dj premier

43-machine gun funk (premier remix) – biggie n dj premier

44-i’m not superman – gangstarr

45-hard to kill (original demo) – showbiz n ag

46-it gets no better – casual n pep luv

47-welcome to the grooveyard (demo) – ESP (tha alkaholiks)

48-scenario (unreleased demo) – the beastie boys

49-three little pigs – dmx

50-everythings cool (demo) – rakim

51-coyote – jungle brothers

52-flip dat shit – naughty by nature n onyx n biggie

53-georgie porgie – a tribe called quest n brand nubians

54-bootleggin’ – large pro (main source)

55-word to the wise – del

56-fat for the 90′s (demo) – lord finesse n ag

57-props (unreleased) – 3rd bass n brand new heavies

58-untitled (freestyle demo) – special ed

59-i’m convinced – showbiz n ag

60-biggie got the hype shit (demo) – biggie

61-take it back to brooklyn (demo) – ole dirty bastard

62-untitled – nas

63-principal of the new school – big l

64-can you feel it – casual

65-bust a lil somethin’ – lord finesse

66-i declare war – kool g rap

67-stunt of the block – super kids (tragedy)

68-county blues (freestyle demo) – snoop dogg

69-call me conceited – edo g

70-who stole the clipprs (1991) – common sense

71-scenario (cypher demo) – atcq, lons, de la soul, blacksheep

72-the mighty one – do it all (lords of the undergound)

73-it ain’t where ya from – king sun

74-9mm rhymes – kurious

75-rasta imposter (freestyle) – ll cool j

76-”a” for effort – common sense

77-bring the rock – new style (naughty by nature)

78-it’s my thing – grand puba

79-just another day in the projects – nas

80-rampage (unreleased freestyle demo) – ll cool j n epmd

81-d nice rocks (call me d nice demo) – d nice

82-cooling one day – organized konfusion

83-check the fine print – the artifacts

84-ice cream man – method man

85-unstoppable force – dmx

86-scuffin’ those knees – the new style (naughty by nature)

87-mind ova matter – organized konfusion

88-caliente (demo version) – cypress hill

89-hypnotic (unreleased demo) – rakim

90-biterphobia – eminem

91-raw (remix demo) – big daddy kane n kool g rap


Published 19th Oct 2011 by Tonton Steph under MP3, RAP, Throwback Maxi CD

Une fois de plus MERCI au poto Jee Van Cleef du blog

HeatFromTheCorner pour ce rip du maxi CD promo du

« Reprogram » de Channel Live. Le gros intérêt de ce maxi

vient d’un « Easy Mo Mix » qui devrait faire plaisir à votre casque!

1. Reprogram (Clean Version)

2. Reprogram (Instrumental)

3. Reprogram (Clean Remix)

4. Reprogram (Remix Instrumental)


Et pour ceux qui découvrent ce beatmaker, voici une très bonne

compilation qui vous permettra de survoler son taff…ENJOY!


1. Miles Davis ~ Mystery.

2. LL Cool J ~ Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag (Easy Mo Bee Remix).

3. Notorious B.I.G. ~ Machine Gun Funk.

4. Craig Mack ~ Judgement Day.

5. Freddie Foxx ~ So Tough (Feat. Queen Latifah).

6. King Just ~ Can I Get Some.

7. Jamal ~ Live Illegal.

8. Trends Of Culture ~ Make A Move.

9. Lost Boyz ~ Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless.

10. Das EFX ~ Knockin’ Niggaz Off.

11. 2Pac ~ Temptations.

12. Shaquille O’Neal ~ Game Of Death (Feat. Rakim).

13. Busta Rhymes ~ Everything Remains Raw.

14. Queen Latifah ~ Elements I’m Among.

15. Rappin’ Is Fundamental (R.I.F.) ~ Who’s Da Man.

16. Chubb Rock ~ Games We Play.

17. Nice & Smooth ~ Boogie Down Bronx/BK Connection.

18. Big Daddy Kane ~ Uncut, Pure.

19. Mos Def ~ Zimzallabim.


In collaboration with Bingo, Bingo Day and Posh Bingo.
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