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Published 12th Juin 2012 by Tonton Steph under RAP, Rééditions

Après la box des singles sortie il y a peu de temps, une édition

triple CDs du cultissime « Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde »arrivera

dans les bacs mi-juillet. Pour l’avoir eu en exclu dans les mains

aujourd’hui (thanks Tieum) c’est ACHAT OBLIGATOIRE!

Déjà en précommande sur UGHH.COM.

Disc One: The Album

1. 4 Better Or 4 Worse (Interlude)

2. Oh Shit

3. It’s Jiggaboo Time (Skit)

4. 4 Better Or 4 Worse

5. I’m That Type of Nigga

6. If I Were President (Skit)

7. Soul Flower (Remix)

8. On The DL

9. Pack The Pipe (Interlude)

10. Officer

11. Ya Mama

12. Passin’ Me By

13. Otha Fish

14. Quinton’s On The Way (Skit)

15. Pack The Pipe

16. Return of The B-Boy

Disc Two: The Instrumentals

1. Oh Shit

2. 4 Better Or 4 Worse

3. I’m That Type of Nigga

4. Soul Flower (Remix)

5. On The DL

6. Officer

7. Ya Mama

8. Passin’ Me By

9. Otha Fish

10. Return of The B-Boy

Disc Three: Remixes & B-Cydes

1. Pork

2. I’m That Type of Nigga (Straight Up Faded Mix)

3. Soul Flower (Wrong Tree Remix)

4. Soul Flower (Brand New Heavies Version)

5. Soul Flower (Dogs B*ll*cks)

6. Soul Flower (2 tha 3 Mix)

7. Ya Mama (Matt Dike Remix)

8. Ya Mama (Kenny Dope Remix)

9. Ya Mama (J-Sw!ft Remix)

10. Passin’ Me By (Brixton Flavour Remix)

11. Passin’ Me By (Fly As Pie Mix)

12. Otha Fish (The Heavy-Head O.G. Mix)

13. Otha Fish (L.A. Jay Remix)

14. Otha Fish (The Angel Mix)

15. Live @ Dodger Stadium

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