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Published 21st Fév 2015 by Tonton Steph under Cover + Tracklist, New-York, RAP

Le nouvel album du groupe EMC intitulé The Tonite Show

sortira le 5 mai prochain sur M3/Penalty Entertainment/Sony Red.


01. The Departure (skit) Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Isabelle Camenzind

02. Fly Thoughts Featuring Pearl Gates, Produced by Kic Beats

03. The Opening (skit) Russell Peters, Tonedeff

04. The Monologue Produced by Diamond D

05. The Green Room (skit) DJ Danica, Pearl Gates, Masta Ace, Wordsworth

06. Stoopid Featuring B-Real, Produced by DJ Scienz

07. The Male Groupie (skit) James “Faiz” Williams, Masta Ace

08. Moopies Featuring Sadat X, Produced by Deborah’s Son

09. The Couch (skit) Russell Peters, Rosie Perez

10. Signtology Featuring Dion, Produced by Kic Beats

11. Triple Threat Produced by Flip the Soul Fisher

12. The Car Jack (skit) Bklyn Science, Stricklin

13. It Ain’t Easy Featuring Marlon Saunders, Produced by Mananz

14. I Like You Like Featuring Strickie Love, Produced by Koolade

15. Scream Featuring Pav Bundy, Produced by The ARE

16. The Math Man (skit) Russell Peters, Timoor Anunnaki, Rosie Perez

17. Numbers Featuring Xzibit, Produced by Pav Bundy

18. Tony’s Room (skit) Masta Ace, Bob Power, Tony Rock

19. Spun A Web Remix featuring Tu Kora, Produced by Pav Bundy

20. A Way From Love Featuring Signif, Produced by Skeematics

21. The Closing (skit) Russell Peters, Steve “The Angry Merch Guy”

22. Outtakes

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