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Published 17th Avr 2017 by Tonton Steph under Beatmakerz, EP, RAP, Stream

Nouveau EP de Estee Nack du groupe Tragic Allies

sur lequel on retrouve Paranom, Codenine, Recognize Ali.

Tracklist :

1. The Talented Mr. Nackly (prod. by Mr. Rose)feat. Estee Nack
2. Craft Beers (prod. by Mr. Rose) feat. Codenine, Al Divino, Sean Rosati x Chronic Tone
3. Rose Gardens (prod. by Mr. Rose)feat. Estee Nack
4. Exotic Capers at The Louvre (prod. by Mr. Rose) feat. Codenine
5. Snake Charmer, Mad Marauder (prod. by Mr. Rose) feat. Estee Nack, Recognize Ali
6. Mountains In The Antilles (prod. by al.divino)feat. Estee Nack, Paranom
7. HEROES (prod. by Mr. Rose) feat. Estee Nack, Paranom


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