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Published 29th Avr 2017 by Tonton Steph under Beatmakerz, RAP, Stream

L’O.G. de la West Coast est de retour avec un nouvel album intitulé

Which Way Iz West dont le producteur exécutif n’est autre que

DJ Premier. L’album sortira le 09/06 et on retrouvera dessus

WC, B-Real, Xzibit, Kurupt, Lady Of Rage, MayLAy,

Big Mike, The Outlawz, Bumpy Knuckles

et Compton’s Most Wanted.

1.) “Shut ‘Em Down” f/ The Outlawz
2.) “Represent Like This” f/ WC & DJ Premier
3.) “Compton Zoo”
4.) “Heart Cold” f/ Lady Of Rage
5.) “Pass Me By” f/ B-Real
6.) “Runn The Blocc” f/ MayLAy (produced by DJ Premier)
7.) “Gangsta Gangsta” f/ Kurupt
8.) “Got That”
9.) “Medicate” f/ Xzibit
10.) “Born To Hustle” f/ Big Mike
11.) “Sittin’ Around Smokin’”
12.) “As I Proceed”
13.) “Last Ones Left” (f/ Compton’s Most Wanted & DJ Premier (produced by DJ Premier)
14.” “4 Tha OG’z” f/ Bumpy Knuckles (Produced by DJ Premier)
15.) “You Nia’z”


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